Standardized Dress


Rayford Intermediate School Standardized Dress  pic
Requirements are as follows:

* Solid polo-style shirts with a collar (burgundy, black, white or gray).

* Undershirts matching school colors (burgundy, gray, black or white)

Plain solid color sweatshirts/sweaters (burgundy, black, white or gray) may be worn over the uniform collared shirt. 
Rayford will be selling Rayford hoodies this year.

* Solid-colored pants, shorts, capris or skirts (black or khaki ONLY). Black jeans or pants only please. No leggings or jeggings. All shorts and skirts must be the appropriate length (approaching the knee). 

* Solid-colored belts (black or brown)

* Clothing should be solid without designs, decals, or logos. No designs or other colors are permitted. 

*  It will be the expectation that all shirts be tucked.

PLEASE NOTE: If a student comes to school in a sweater, sweatshirt or jacket that is NOT in dress code, they will be required to remove the item and store it in their backpack. They may not put the item back on at dismissal time. If you wish for your child to wear a sweater or jacket during the school day that item MUST be solid gray or burgundy with no designs, words or logos.

Additionally, Aldine has added the following dress code expectations to the code for this year. Please take note of these changes: 1) Slacks, pants or shorts that have belt loops require a belt. 2) Caps, hats, bandanas, hoods and scarves may not be worn at any time. 3) BOYS - ponytails cannot be worn to conceal hair length not within dress code. Boy's hair length may not extend below the bottom of a regular shirt collar.