Our Counselors

What is a School Counselor?


A school counselor is a type of helper in the school.  The main objective is to help all students learn basic life skills and help your child have a successful school year.  Oftenpic times, non-academic issues can get in the way of a student’s learning (especially during these early developmental years).  Addressing these issues can help your child to succeed in school! 


Some of the things counselors address with students, parents, and staff are:
Feelings, self-esteem, behavior, death/loss, safety, friendship, homework, bullying, conflicts, listening and following directions, transitions, healthy behaviors, honesty, accepting others, separation/divorce, and much more!


School counseling is a short-term resource.  If there are greater issues that need extensive attention, the school counselor will be glad to assist you in finding an outside counselor to work with your child.  The school counselor, in turn, can maintain contact with your student’s counselor or therapist to ensure that therapeutic goals are supported here in school. 


What type of services are provided?

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Classroom Guidance (Character Education)

Student Leadership Training

Community Outreach Programs

Drug Awareness

Bully Prevention

Career/ College Awareness

Kids 2 College

Have you started talking to your child about college? It is not too early. .


  Higher Learning Is An Option For All Students!