For Parents


You are an essential part of your child's success, and we appreciate all that you do to support the instruction we provide at school. We look forward to working with you as active partners in your child's education.

Please review the following information for parents:

OPENING TIME  The building opens at 7:55 AM every day. Students MAY NOT be dropped off prior to 7:55 AM. Waiting outside is not safe and school personnel are not on duty to ensure your child’s safety. Please be mindful of the school hours and plan accordingly.

If you ever wish to visit a classroom, a request to do so must be sent in writing AT LEAST 24 hours PRIOR to the visit. This ensures that we can tell you if there is something going on, such as a test, which would be a waste of your time in observing.

Parents are welcome to come on FRIDAY to have lunch with their child if they wish. Parents must sign in through the office.

  Adjustments to students schedules will be made to elective choices based on your child’s need for academic tutoring or intensive academic interventions.
SUPPLIES The students are expected to bring all of their school supplies. Neither the school nor the teachers have the funds to provide supplies for the students.

DAILY FOLDERS Expect to see a folder coming home every day with your child. Please take a moment to look at it, discuss with your child and then sign it so it can be returned the next day.